Pocket Knife Uses

If there’s one thing that separates your usual setup of a phone, wallet, and keys from a bona fide everyday carry (EDC), it’s the pocket knife. It is one of the most critical pieces of EDC.  It’s become a symbol of preparedness, widely regarded as a staple of EDC gear.  The pocket knives are an iconic tool. It is one of the most essential items whenever you are going outside either for camping, fishing, or whenever you are travelling. It is handy, compact, functional, simple but highly reliable, durable and absolutely perfect for almost any task.

pocket knife uses

Pocket knives are like credit cards; don’t leave home without one. Carrying a knife can be beneficial to you in several ways in your daily life.  Many people think that carrying a knife along with you is not a safe option, but it is one of the most sensible things one can do. The compact size and minimum weight make them perfect for carrying in areas where you need to be cautious. Pocket knives can not only be used as a weapon but a practical tool as well.

Pocket knives come in handy in a surprising number of ways. They are just so dang useful. In this article, we will tell you most important uses of Pocket knife. 

Survival Tool in an Emergency:

Life is unpredictable, God forbid you ever find yourself or others in any kind of dire crisis, or found yourself in dangerous situation. Pocket knife can save your life. It is one the best first responder rescue tool.  It can save your life in wilderness. Unfortunately, one of the greatest risks to anyone’s personal safety nowadays is other people. It can save you from wild animal or criminal any other law breaker. You should carry it is a small reminder that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Carrying a pocket knife is advisable for self-defense, especially if you are travelling to high-risk areas. Carrying a knife – even a small one, will give you the confidence that should anything outside the norm occur, you’ll be able to adequately defend yourself. It can mean the difference between life and death in a self-defense situation. Pocket knives also make a thoughtful and useful gift for any heroes in your life. The only main drawback of pocket knives as self-defense protection weapons is that it takes practice and skill to be able to actually defend yourself and not just swing around a sharp blade. So, how to properly use it for self defense in emergency situation is very important.  It requires the combination of luck and skills. While small, the pocket knife blades are sharp and deadly so likelihood of injuring must also be considered. Training with a knife is a very important part of responsible knife ownership.  Also, using a knife for self-defense is often considered deadly force and can result in a lot of legal trouble if the amount of force was not warranted.

For Peeling or Cutting Fruit:

When you are away from home in the outdoors, a proper meal seems like a luxury—this is when you need on-the-go solutions like juicy fresh fruits that provide essential nutrition and energy in an easy manner. Pocket knives are an easy tool to carry for cutting and peeling fruits effortlessly from the trees. This small folding knife has become an ultimate tool in everyday life because it can easily fit in your pocket. Apart from it keeps less space and can be easily folded with its cover. Carrying a pocket knife makes your everyday tasks somewhat more comfortable and easy. You can use it in a variety of situations. … But having a blade in your everyday kit is an excellent idea because you never know when you’re going to need it. You can also cut wires, paper, cardboard, wood, clothes, hair and much more. It is also a very reliable tool for your DIY plans.

While Camping or Fishing:

A man on the move is usually short on utensils, whether he goes on a weekend trip, camping trip with friends, any barbeque night with family or simply out for a walk.  Pocket knife is useful for any type of situation.. I can’t imagine camping without pocket knife. Although it’s a primary survival protection tool but it also works for preparing food or setting tent. Luckily, this tool can pull triple duty as a spoon, fork and cutter tool. If you are on a barbeque night and don’t find any bottle opener.  Just take out your pocket knife; it can also be used to pop the top off your drink. Fire preparation will also be much faster and easier if you have good pocket knife. You never know you can have any unwanted wound or injury while camping, pocket knife can also be used for first aid, to cut bandages, or tape etc. So, carrying a pocket knife for camping trip is crucial. Even people who are going for fishing can get a lot of help from one of these. Whether it is cutting the line after catching a big fish or removing a hook from a fish mouth, and much more – a pocket knife can be a mandatory item for any fisherman, camper or any adventurer.

There are plenty of high quality pocket knife manufacturers, designers, and companies on the market today. It makes the task of selecting the best pocket knife very tricky. For making it easier for you we have narrowed down a list of some of the very best pocket knives for you to consider for everyday carry:

  1. Spyderco Para 3
  2. Boker Kalashnikov
  4. CIVIVI Elementum
  5. Kershaw Launch 4
  6. Benchmade Bugout
  7. Gerber Fastball
  8. SOG Aegis AT
  9. Spyderco Paramilitary 2
  10. Ontario Rat I

By now, chances are you would agree that a pocketknife is a mandatory part of any everyday carry setup. You don’t know when a pocket knife may end up being useful for you. So, don’t hesitate and get a good pocket knife and enjoy its advantages.