Best Brands for Women’s Shoes

One said, girls are crazy about diamonds jewelry, one said, dresses are girls’ best friend but I said shoes are women’s weakness. Girls are always looking for new and stylish shoes. According to Marilyn Monroe, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. No wonders, she is absolutely true, as the shoe you are comfortable in will always give you the right kind of confidence. There is a term called shoe obsession, which is also supported by science and it states that the shoe shopping makes a woman satisfied and happy. Whether you’re headed to office or a party, stylish footwear will elevate your look and add a unique touch to every outfit. Own a pair of statement boots for winter or chunky sneakers for summer, there’s a myriad of styles to choose from. No one can have enough shoes, so what are you waiting for?

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Best Brands for Women's Shoes

It is no surprise that the footwear industry continues to grow to this day. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down. And how could it with so many brands producing quality products for all consumers.  Are you someone who likes to invest in good quality shoes rather than getting low-quality ones on sale? Then buying designer and branded shoes is the right option for you.

If you are here to choose a brand for the best shoes to buy for women then here is a brief introduction of the Best brand for women’s shoes. It will help you chose best pair of shoes for any occasion you are looking forward to.

Best brands for women’s shoes

  • Michael Kors
  • Valentino
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Gucci
  • Givenchy
  • Steve maiden
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Aldo
  • Lois Vuitton
  • Manolo Blahnik

Michael Kors:

The business of Fashion: Michael Kors. MK is known as one of the most high-end brands that money can buy. The luxury and comfort of MK have won them a lot of awards. The brand starts in the year 1981; the shoe brand works under the name of Michael Kors Collection. Among the many products manufactures by MK, stylish women’s shoes are the most bought items. Michael Kors have outlets all around the world, including the most famous and fashionable places in the world. overs all kinds of footwear for ladies, from heels to casual slippers to formal shoes to sportswear, you name it, and they have it.


Valentino is an Italian fashion brand. It plays a major role in the luxury division through tradition and innovation that generates the sense of beauty. Valentino’s fashion is displayed through the Valentino Garavani accessories lines that include shoes, bags, small leather goods, eyewear, scarves, ties and fragrances.

Jimmy Choo:

From Princess Diana to Carrie Bradshaw, Jimmy Choo has the highest level of satisfaction among loyal and elite customer base. Jimmy Choo was started by Choo Yeang Keat, a Malaysian designer who hails from a family of shoe designers, but none of them took off at this level. He began by designing custom-made shoes, an idea that spread like wildfire. He has an eye for detail that nobody else seems to offer


Gucci, an Italian brand based out of Florence is a staple for the elite. From handbags and luggage to bags and shoes Gucci is known for its impeccable quality. It is recognized as classic brand with quality and comfort. Just like many of the other luxury brands, Gucci has spread its wings into retailing apart from having its flagship and exclusive stores. Even after ninety years, it continues to stay innovative and is always in the forefront.


Givenchy is a French brand started in 1952 by French designer Hubert de Givenchy.  It is one of the fashion industry’s most-revered names that create iconic looks with a twist. Hubert de Givenchy was always known for his modern, ladylike designs that earned him numerous loyal clients.

Steve Madden:

Steve Madden, in full Steven Madden, American shoe designer who founded Steven Madden, Ltd. A designer, manufacturer of moderately priced shoes and accessories, marketed mostly to young women and girls.

Christian Louboutin:

Christian Louboutin is a French brand. The fascinating part of Louboutin’s story is that he stumbled upon designing shoes unitentionally. He was expelled from school, and ended up taking up several jobs. He started working as a freelancer shoe designer in the early 80s. After a few years, he started his label. Louboutin is one of the most expensive shoe brands all over the world. It is the world’s best ladies shoes brand in high heal category.


ALDO shoes were founded in Canada in 1972. Today, it is one the leading fashion retailer of best footwear brand at accessible price range. Confidently and truly, ALDO is a brand for those girls who love to positively change their lifestyle.

Lois Vuitton:

LV is a name that needs no introduction! It is a brand the elite swear by, and not just for handbags, luggage bags, accessories, and apparel, but shoes too. The brand is over 150 years old, but has only been growing consistently. Louis Vuitton is a classic example of classy designs that give you a luxury outlook. The Styles and designs of shoes and bags are so superb that you will really love to purchase. And that is why the Women and girls of all age groups really love to have the shoes by LV. Have a look some collection.

Manolo Blahnik:

Manuel Blahnik Rodríguez, A Spanish Fashion designer is often referred to as the holy man of heels. He firmly believes in the power of heels and hand-makes them with the same level of passion. His designs are authentic, customized, and not mass-produced. His creations have been flaunted on red carpets, movies, and TV shows, and by the biggest names in Hollywood – Manolo Blahnik is the real deal!

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girl’s life. So, get up and have your pair from above mentioned brands. These top women’s shoe designers make more than your average, everyday shoe.

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